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Go green with you spare change

Carbon Jar purchases carbon offsets and ensures they are surrendered on your behalf.


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Tonnes of Carbon Total offsets through Carbon Jar

Carbon Jar allows you to offset your personal
carbon emissions from as little
as $2.25 per week.

That's less than 35c a day!


Ready to join us?


It only takes 2 mins and there are no lock-in contracts


Not ready yet?

You can learn more about us and our projects here.

Have some spare time?

Play our puzzle game for free and help the environment at the same time.

It's fun and the advertising revenue will be used to purchase carbon offsets!

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Carbon Offset Sources

We are currently sourcing our carbon offsets from:

Methane Capture Project - USA

This is an external link that provides background information on the project. It also includes all the formal documentation submitted to VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) so you can be sure the offsets are real.

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